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Post by ThatFurryArtist on Thu Dec 10, 2015 3:34 pm

Hello and welcome to The Semidei Tribes approval and rules post!

-Follow the general Semidei rules journal found on our DA group page.
-Respect all members.
-Be kind to all members and do not start fights.
-Users may not impersonate Admins or Moderators.
-The images on this site are copyrighted and therefore may not be downloaded or reused without prior permission from ThatFurryArtist or the artist.
-Semideis are a closed species created by ThatFurryArtist both on here and on DA. They are not open for Make Your Owns or anything else without buying them or have prior permission.
-Each person is allowed one account only, but you may have multiple Semidei.
-Accounts may not be shared - this includes multiple admins on one account owning the same Semidei.
-Spamming, harassment, threats, sexual text and images (NSFW included), homophobic/racist slurs, name-calling, illegal dealings/planning, cheating, scamming, tracing, gridding, reposting and/or bullying in general is not permitted on this site at all and will result in a permanent IP address ban.

Violation of these rules may result in you being banned or, in extreme cases, your Semidei forfeited.
Any images taken and reused without prior permission will have severe penalties.


As of this stage you are locked out of the other topics, so to become validated please fill out the form below:

Link to your Semidei:
Your DA username:
The name of your Semidei:
The name of your Semidei's species:


If you have any inquiries please private message ThatFurryArtist [Creator] or email her at

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